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How Ickle Brickell started...

Ickle Brickell was born in 2017 after a fluke discovery that I could sew!
What set out as a search for the perfect Advent Calendar, became the start of a small business! I didn't know I could sew until on maternity leave with my daughter.  A 'Mummy' friend who I had met on an NCT antenatal course turned out to be none other than Naomi Gale of Styled By Naomi who creates the most beautiful nursery decor, as to be expected she was rather good on the sewing machine and insisted we could keep the babies occupied one afternoon and make an Advent Calendar ourselves. Well, with a lot of toys and a rather excitable dashaund to occupy the bubbas we set to work. It turned out sewing came naturally to me and within a week I had bought a sewing machine with my last maternity pay cheque and was hooked! 
The very first item I made was a pair of dungarees - my patterns hadn't even arrived yet but I was so keen to try it out that I grabbed a pair of Florence's dungarees from her wardrobe and drew round them! They needed a bit of tweaking but as a first item of clothing I was rather pleased. A bulk download of patterns and I was busy onto the next item, Harem Leggings, the same ones you will find in my shop now.
 My first pair of Harem Leggings
Every time that Florence wore my handmade clothes I would wait for the moment she would fall and they would rip or she would crawl so much they might fall down or the seams would come apart but to my astonishment they didn't! I really had found something I was good at, this may sound sad but before having Florence I was a primary school teacher and felt like I had a very clear identity. When you become a mum this can get somewhat blurred so finding out something new about me put me in a very good place. It was also a great confidence boost when people noticed her clothes and asked where they were from and I could say I had made them. Friends and family encouraged me to sell them and it was soon after that, that Ickle Brickell was born!