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Running a small business with little ones…in lockdown.

So you will see based on the date of the last blog that running a business with little ones means not everything goes to plan. I had big ideas for this blog but it never even made it past two posts! I wanted to include blogs from the designers of my fabrics, accounts from farmer’s wives in similar positions, cleaning tips for getting those stains out of clothes when the children have been rolling around in the muck heap again and many many more! I could have beaten myself up about it but instead I put it on the backburner and focused on the more pressing matters: making orders and spreading the word about my little handmade, country inspired clothes. All was ticking along ok; I was working part time at school and sewing at the weekends or a Thursday when Florence was at nursery. I then took a bit of time away to welcome Hugo who was born in February and before I knew it the country was put in lockdown. I now had (have) two children at home and a demand for mail order clothes greater than ever before. Luckily Hugo is now learning to nap and the juggle is getting a little easier, it also helps when Florence can go farming with Daddy for a few hours!

When I do manage to steal an hour or so here and there away at my sewing machine, it is such an escape. Time to think, organise and plan with the constant drone of the machine in the background. Other times its not so peaceful, H is currently napping but F is waving a wand in my face trying to turn me into a troll! Sometimes the television and snacks are needed to babysit, sometimes they aren’t. Some days it all falls into place and others I just have to put a line through it and focus on my family instead. So for anyone thinking about starting up something new, have dreams but don’t set your bar so high that you feel like you have failed at the first hurdle. Set achievable goals, however small or simple they may be. I’m one for writing a list but breaking it down into tiny parts so there’s plenty to tick off even if you have only done a few small jobs. It’s such a boost when you can tick things off a list…or is that just me?

If you think you could bring something to my blog or have a farming/fabric/child related story to tell then please do message me!