UPDATE: Current turnaround time = 3 weeks. Preorders = 6-8 weeks. If you need an item for a certain date please email BEFORE placing your order. Thank you for your patience.

Why farming themed clothes?

With a farmer for a husband and an animal obsessed daughter, farm and nature themed fabric was the obvious choice. When I first started out, finding fabric on theme was easy but as time has gone on, this has been increasingly hard to find new prints. Rather than being able to search through all fabric designs like other similar stores, I have a rather specific search, meaning endless hours of trawling the web can often result in only a couple of finds, if any! This is when I knew something needed to change, I needed to design my own fabrics. This would have been fine if I had even an ounce of drawing skill but alas I don't! Luckily for me though I have a rather artistic little sister who stepped into the role instead. So if you purchase any item of Ickle Brickell clothing in the cows, horses or chickens, then you know it really is a family business. 

My sister does have a full time job though (with none other than Disney - Florence definitely things she has the coolest auntie) which means she can spend her days just designing fabric for me. I had to have rethink and look for other sources of artist flare... I met Amy Frank at local Support Local Pop up Fair and we got chatting. Amy is a mum of little ones just like me and sells beautiful cards, name prints and home products all with her gorgeous illustrations on. Fast forward a year and Amy has turned a selection of my ideas and family pets into fabric designs ready for spring. 

Meet Hettie our West Highland Terrier, Bertie a duckling I hatched from an egg, pink and blue geese which Amy designed based on my first and most favourite Ickle Brickell goose fabric. I have three more fabrics from various illustrators which I will be telling you more about soon. 


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