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Here in Sussex, Ickle Brickell creates lovingly handmade clothes for little ones. We specialize in farming and nature inspired designs including prints exclusive to Ickle Brickell. Our products are fun, practical and most importantly comfortable for your little ones to toddle around in all day.
Every single piece is created by me, Grace Brickell; mother, teacher, farmers-wife.
Where it all began...
Ickle Brickell was born in 2017 after a fluke discovery that I could sew!
Before I had my daughter I was a primary school teacher. I had a clear plan of what I would teach every day and I knew what to expect in the year ahead. Becoming a mother changed everything and before I knew it I was coordinating a different activity everyday. This was brilliant but it was rather strange having so little structure in my life. Luckily Florence was a very good baby and settled quite quickly into a good routine. She was nearly six months old when I discovered I could sew and was napping nicely in the day, so I put my new found talent to good use. What started as a little idea to make clothes for my daughter soon evolved and I was taking requests from friends. Before long, it had become a business. The only thing left to do was find our name! Florence is our little person, our 'Ickle', and our surname is 'Brickell'. It's as simple as that. 
Goose leggings by fence

Ickle Brickell's nature and farming theme was a natural and organic process. My husband is a farmer and at the time we lived right on the farm where he was working. This meant from a very early age Florence was out with the animals and in the mud. The clothing had to be practical to cope with the outdoor adventures and the animal designs seemed very fitting. Now, almost all of my fabrics are exclusively designed for me. Some even based on the exact animals we have at home.



 Don't worry though, your gorgeous products don't go anywhere near the animals or the mud! I make each item from scratch, by hand, in a clean, self contained loft at my parents house. Once they are safely in your hands and on your little ones, what better place to go and get muddy, than on a farm. I want your little ones to enjoy hours of fun in them whether its crawling, walking or running!